How to buy a signed copy

Sew It Up is £19.99

For UK buyers its best to send me a cheque for £24.99 (including £5 postage) to Ruth Singer Studio, Makers Yard, 82-86 Rutland St, Leicester, LE1 1SB
To pay via Paypal either send £24.99 to ruth(at)ruthsinger(dot)com or just email me first and I'll send you a Paypal invoice.

Overseas buyers can buy from Etsy or ideally Paypal me direct, in which case you need to email me first to get a postage quote. It will be about £6.50 to most of Europe and £15 to everywhere else.



Overseas publication

Breaking news: Sew It Up will be published in the US with a co-publisher. This has only just been agreed, so I'll add more as soon as I know when it will be out. I had thought it would be out at the same time as here, but things have changed. However, US people can still buy the book from me and I'll send it over, if you just can't wait for the US edition!
We've also got a distributor in Australia, so that shouldn't be too long as well. Hang in their, my overseas friends, and we should be able to supply you with a sparkling, shiny copy before too long. The copies are now in the warehouse, so get your advance orders in now and you should get a copy in a couple of weeks.

I know I'm overdue with another preview. I'll try my best to do that this week.


Project Preview: Box Pleating

I love box pleating and use it a lot in my own work, on panels, cushions and other stuff.
In a fit of excessive generosity, I decided to include not only the basic technique but also lots of variations!

This is one of 20 masterclasses in the book which cover practical and decorative techniques in greater depth. As with all the techniques, they are illustrated with colour photographs throughout, to make sure its easy to follow.

This technique is always one of my most popular at workshops and classes. I love seeing the variations students come up with, and will enjoy seeing what you book readers come up with!

Photographs by Dominic Harris.

Pre-order signed copies!

I've set up a pre-order system for the book so you can order a signed copy direct from me as soon as they arrive. They are due in the warehouse at the end of September and I hope I will have copies to sign and post out by mid-October, so you should get an advance copy! (but I can't guarantee that just yet...)

My book

Pre-order now so I can order in the right number!
They are listed on Etsy which is just a shopfront, so although the prices are listed in US dollars, the books (and anything else) come from me in the UK. If you want to pay direct via paypal or a UK cheque, just email me and we can do it that way.


Project Preview: Blanket

Sew it Up, a modern manual of practical and decorative sewing will be published in 8 weeks time on 30th October and I am going to share something from the book each week until then.

First preview is one of the projects. This is a detail shot of a re-furbished old wool blanket. Start looking for nice old wool blankets now, ready to make this for snuggling under in the winter.

There are stories behind each project in the book. This one had a tussle with a cup of tea during the first lot of photography so it ended up spending the afternoon in the bath. It survived unscathed and is now on the back of my sofa.

Once the book is published, I'll be sharing more information on the project materials, techniques and ideas of how to use the hundreds of practical and decorative techniques in the book. I'll also throw in some stories about the development of the book and the designs I have created for it.

There are some other project sneak peaks here.

Photography by Jan Baldwin.

Buying the Book

As you will see, the book is now available for pre-order on Amazon UK (link over there on the right). In a few weeks I will be selling signed copies online and in person at various events. UK customers who don't like online shopping can send me an old fashioned cheque!

There are plans for a workshop / booksigning event in London in mid-November and hopefully more things like that thereafter, around the country.

Step-by-step photography from the techniques section of the book. Photographs by Dominic Harris.

Project preview coming tomorrow!